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Axe maker

The first Axe Maker

For many years I have been working on a database including all persons with the name BIJLMAKERS. xAt this moment my database has 2914 individuals in 1118 families (last updated 5 May 2021) but they are not all related. The two biggest “trees” in my database have their roots in the villages Nederweert and Heel. These villages are only 20 km apart in the province Limburg in The Netherlands. It is possible that these families are related, but the “missing link” has not been found yet. I belong to the Nederweert tree.

Besides these 2 big families, the database contains some other individuals with the same or a very similar name. Variations on the name Bijlmakers include: Beylmaeckers, Beylmaekers, Beylmakers, Bielmaekers, Bielmakers, Bijlemaekers, Bijlemakers, Bijlemeckers, Bijlmackers, Bijlmaeckers, Bijlmaekers, Bijlmakers, Bijlmeckers, Bijlmekers, Bylemaekers, Bylmaeker,Bylmaekers, Bylmakers. Several of these are also from the province Limburg, Netherlands and could be related to any of the two bigger families. Others are from Belgium and seem to be related to the Nederweert family.

Other families in my database include Rulkens, Vaessen, Deckers and Körner.

I am looking for data related to these surnames


Please contact me if you have any genealogical information concerning these names.

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